Gee folks, just when we all thought the new hospital project bond was going to end, we all got hit with a bond renewal, due to a badly managed hospital budget and construction errors.

Now, they hope to stick us with the $43 million park bond that would be billed for 30 years, if approved, at $39 per $100,000 in property value of your home.

Wouldn't it be beneficial to the taxpayers if this new park bond started AFTER the hospital bond is paid off?

Not only am I paying for school bonds for schools that I've never had any children attend, and a hospital I will never use, but next up is a bond for a new park I'll probably never go to either.

It doesn't seem fair when only property owners get stuck with paying off all these huge bonds. Why don't renters pay their fair share of these bonds too? Perhaps a renters tax to help out a little here?

Living 15 miles west of Tehachapi we have NO services here, not even a stoplight, yet we pay dearly for them.

Alison Garahan, Hart Flat