Back in the early 1970s when I was a sociology major in college, I remember a class discussion that was bothersome to me. It had to do with a conspiracy theory called the "New World Order." This organization was made up of heads of rich corporations, land owners, money controllers, heads of governments and countries. Their beliefs were to let the poor, the sick, old, jobless and unproductive people die off. In other words, if they were unable to take care of themselves through no fault of their own, they had no right to live.

I am afraid that after decades of hibernation in this country, the "new world order" has raised its ugly head again, calling for huge cuts in services for the poor, the sick, the aged and those thought to be a drain on society. Also, the federal budget tax reform would give more money to the rich while taking away from long-standing government-sponsored programs for handicapped kids, old people and those with no other way to survive. That would be disastrous.

They say about 16 million people will lose health care. You would think the elected officials who advocate these cuts would surely realize that loss of life for many Americans would follow. In fact, politicians are trying desperately to ram through legislation in the House, Senate and the executive branch to make this happen. They came within one vote of passing this and it's not over yet.

Through all the thousands of words and all the discussions on TV news and talk shows, not once was the word murder mentioned. Murder is defined in the dictionary as "to kill unlawfully with premeditated malice." If the president and other national leaders get their way, this will be shocking and terribly morally wrong. I need to go now and watch the circular firing squad in action at the White House and read the latest autocratic, nonintellectual tweets. What has gone wrong with this country?

Cliff Davids, combat veteran, Tehachapi