Recently, I read a letter to the editor from someone complaining about another writer extolling the virtues of President Trump. Well, every human being is endowed by the creator with virtues, even President Obama, a disaster who inhabited the White House from 2009-17.

He pandered to Russia, Iran and North Korea, created chasms between the administration and veterans, Christians and law enforcement. His policies strangled economic growth, but he did cater to those groups whom he knew would re-elect him.

He flip-flopped on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, and played as much golf and vacationed probably more than President Trump. You can bet your life that the Democrats will impeach Trump, but it will be a replay of 1998, when the Republican controlled House voted to impeach, but the Democratic controlled Senate wouldn’t convict.

Nancy Pelosi will sign off on impeachment, but “Cryin’ Chuck won’t be able to get 13 Republicans, except for Mitt Romney, to vote to convict. We put up with Obama for eight years, y’all can put up with President Trump for eight years.

Happy New Year!

Jim Thomas, Tehachapi