In response to Kiraa Salas' letter to the editor from July 27 titled "Obama was much more qualified than Trump," I'm afraid all the ink in the world will never be able to revise history enough to match the claims made in this letter.

Mr. Obama was, without a doubt, the most inexperienced person to ever hold the office. You list as one of his principle qualifications that he taught constitutional law for 12 years. Never having argued a case in front of the Supreme Court himself, we only have his record as president to look at, which showed that he lost more cases in the Supreme Court than any president in modern times.

How could that have happened if he were such an expert on the constitution? OK, you say. It must be because the Supreme Court is so conservative. Wrong. Not only did he lose more cases than any president in modern times, he lost an astonishing 10 cases to unanimous decisions. That's with two justices that he selected himself.

If constitutional expertise was important to you, you should've voted for Ted Cruz. As solicitor general for the state of Texas, he argued and won several cases in front of the Supreme Court. That's 100 percent more than Mr. Obama did.

Charles Jensen, Tehachapi