Daulton Oliver would like an honest and open discussion with people "of liberal leanings." I am not opposed to that, but when I read his last paragraph, "Please, someone who does not think our president and our country and flag deserves respect come for discussion," I'm out.

When you start with the assumption that "liberal leaning people" do not respect the president, the flag and this country, you start so far apart in position with "liberals" that I don't think you can meet anywhere at all. Or were you really hoping to catch a terrorist with coffee and doughnuts?

But since it is brought up: I do respect this country, I do respect what the flag stands for, and I do respect the office of president of the United States. I do not respect the man that holds this office right now, because he has made it very clear that he doesn't respect anybody or anything at all himself. He has no trouble alienating allies, praising dictators, and telling a lie a minute.

A man who makes fun of and insults citizens, dignitaries, companies, groups of people, up to whole countries; a man that says something to your face but does the opposite behind your back; a man that puts business interests above this country and its peoples' interests; a man who is willing to sacrifice the earth for a few dollars more — that man does not deserve respect.

Angel Biezeman, Tehachapi