Open the school grounds we have already paid for; don’t make us buy more. Vote no on Measure R. Tehachapi is blessed with numerous basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, gymnasiums, playgrounds and a pool.

When my family moved here 30 years ago most of these resources were available, unsupervised, to the general public after school, on the weekends, and during the summer.

However, sometime in the last eight years I noticed we have been largely locked out.

Up through about 2011 we had no trouble using the tennis courts and athletic fields at the high school when school was not in session. Then a gate was installed and locked just north of the gym. We were told the old tennis courts near the natatorium would be resurfaced and made available. The following year they were and we used them for a couple of years without incident. Now I understand that the only way you can use them is if you go during certain hours and pay a fee.

If you live in the Tehachapi Unified School District, you pay for recreational resources at schools you should be able to use. There are laws against vandalism and the same law enforcement agencies that patrol our parks, patrol the schools. Gates and fences keep out the honest taxpayers, not vandals. It would be cheaper to open up the school resources and pay for any accelerated wear and tear than build more of the same.

James Boyd, Tehachapi