A few weeks ago (July 10), the Tehachapi News printed an article about the mural on the old boxcar at the VFW on Tehachapi Boulevard. The reason I'm writing is to remind everyone the original mural was painted years ago by my daughter, Karen Wickersham.

You could see every detail in the eagle (on the original mural), from the feathers to the fierce look in his eye. She signed it Karen Wickersham. Her name was never mentioned as being the original artist.

Karen was a self-taught artist and has murals from here to Los Angeles and from Colorado to Missouri. She was an amazing artist, singer and musician. She passed away in April 2018 after a two-year battle with cancer.

Her art was part of her legacy, and she will not be forgotten. I just want credit for her where credit is due.

Karen Wickersham 1966-2018

Shirley Isbell, Tehachapi