Passage of Measure R will force the residents of Hart Flat and Sand Canyon to pay more than they already do for recreational facilities that are too distant for us to use and will only benefit the residents of Tehachapi.

Prior to the public discussion for Measure R, I was not aware that we actually were paying for facilities that do not benefit me or my neighbors. Now I am aware that the TVPRD board and management have delusions of grandeur that some well-paid consultant has fed them, but they have not given any consideration to the residents of Hart Flat and Sand Canyon.

I would think that the board would consider how they can create facilities to serve the outlying areas before taxing us for facilities that benefit others and not us.

I have observed that Golden Hills CSD board is considering withdrawing from the TVPRD. What if the people of Hart Flat and Sand Canyon petition to detach our areas from the TVPRD? That will leave the taxpayers of Tehachapi alone to pay the Taj Mahal monuments that the TVPRD wants to build.

Vote no on Measure R and stop stealing from outlying communities to benefit Tehachapi.

Dave Bone, Keene