This is in regard to the lower Cummings Valley Road. GranFondo will ues this road soon and school buses use this road. It is an alternate route when parts of Highway 202 are closed, and has much other traffic as well.

The eastern section of this route has numerous oaks with very heavy, overhanging limbs, and some of these trees lean toward the road. There is what is left of a very large oak which fell over (fortunately falling away from the road) a year or so ago. Had it fallen toward the road, it may have killed someone. There are also a number of scrub willows leaning toward the road.

I would like to see the road department (or appropriate agency) trim the limbs overhanging the road so, in case the tree were to fall, the tree would fall away from the road since the balance of the limbs would have the weight pull the tree toward the hillside. I would hate to see anyone hurt or killed when something as simple as trimming would prevent this.

I have tried to inform the Kern County road department of this, but they don't see the problem the way I see it. I believe the county is responsible for anything within 30 feet of the center of the road. Hopefully someone reading this letter will know the right person in the county to contact who will take this seriously enough to look into it and do something.

Robert Ditmyer, Tehachapi