Thank you to the couple in the white Cadillac. On June 7, myself and my partner where administering a promotion test to two teen girls who are students of ours at EMB Martial Arts. The test began two miles out from our school where we dropped them off and instructed them to run back to our school while being timed.

Not wishing that anything should happen to someone else's teenage girls, we positioned ourselves in my red Nissan truck in places so as to keep a visual on the girls during the run, occasionally driving by the girls and encouraging them to run faster.

As the girls were on the final stretch that led to our school, we noticed a white Cadillac pull beside the girls attempting to draw the girls to the passenger side window. We thought, "Really? Could this be an attempt to lure the girls into the car?"

We spun a U-turn and pulled up next to the Cadillac to let them know we were watching them. The girls continued on, and we followed them to our school. We then asked the girls about the white Cadillac. They told us they were scared at first until they realized that the man and woman in the Cadillac were trying to warn them that two men were stalking them in a red Nissan truck. That was my truck.

Thank you for protecting the girls that we were protecting. Thank you so much for getting involved! That's truly awesome!

William Laninovich, Tehachapi