There I was, driving like a maniac around town a few days before the first snow, looking for a pair of 2T snow pants for my daughter. This town did not have any. I had to resort to good old Amazon. I would like to give my town my business, but it is hard as a parent.

When you go to the park, or anywhere, really, you break your back if your child needs to wash his or her hands. Even at the park, where there are primarily small children and parents, the sinks are way too high for them to do it. There are no step stools. Again and again you pick them up for a simple task like washing. No wonder, most days I would rather stay home.

The one good thing I have is my child goes to Joyful Junction Preschool. The teachers really care, they have a balance of academic and artistic activities. The kids even get to go on field trips. Joyful Junction makes my life as a parent in Tehachapi a little bit easier.

Janet Meadows, Tehachapi