We are some of those seniors who own a home in Tehachapi. When we built our home more than 25 years ago we paid less than $2,000 yearly property tax. Our latest bill is $3,332 of which $666 is for special assessments such as the hospital, schools, water bonds, etc.

There are a total of 14 special assessments, some of which I do not know what they are for. Now the Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District wants to add more. This $43 million bond for all their proposed dreams may rise to $86,775,000 (principal and interest) before it is paid off. When is it enough? How much more do they expect homeowners and renters to pay? They are proposing a $39 per $100,000 property assessment for 30 years but this could go higher.

Michelle Vance said the estimated yearly pass for the new recreation facility for a family would be more that $750 per year but you could get a monthly membership fee from $16 to $63. How many families can afford that? She also said the admission fees would cover 82 to 100 percent of facility costs.

TVRPD was thinking of adding a parcel tax to our homes for a four- to eight-year year period to help offset costs but it is no longer being considered. What happens in the future when they need more money? Will they add the parcel tax? The TVRPD received $883,592 from property taxes in 2017-18. They need to live within their budget like we have to do.

Erika Matthew, Tehachapi