Those who forget Tehachapi's history of failed large public works projects are doomed to repeat them with the park bonds. 

The Capital Hills development can only be termed a failure. Now, years, almost decades later, the occupied land by the three commercial businesses (gas, food, motel) is about five percent of the land space. Rumor had it the managers did not know how to negotiate with the national corporations, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The hospital: after decades of devoted work by residents, its takes a grand jury and a sellout to get it open. Rumor has it three options were offered: basic, average and luxurious; they chose luxurious and could not finish, then the grand jury had to intervene. And we just finished another grand jury investigation of a big public works project: the school district.

We don't seem to have or attract the talent for success with large public works projects. Maybe it's something in the water??

Robert Kay, Tehachapi