In the brief space allowed, I'd like to express concerns about the $43 million bond issue now on the November ballot. I did attend all of the meetings except the first one. The bond, after 30 years, will cost more than $80-plus million and depend on the older taxpayers in the Tehachapi district.

Many of us will not be here and homes in the area are being sold mostly to buyers from out of this area. We have very limited choices to purchase downsizing properties. The ones available are either low-income housing or ones which will require massive restorations.

The persons serving on the TVRPD board serve a term of four years. Will there be a consistent group of persons to see these projects to completion? Most of persons interested in a community center are special interest groups. Will the greater public truly have access to the use of this facility?

The proposed project is all-or-nothing! If the bond does not pass, we will continue to have a 60-year-old swimming facility. The playing fields will still be outdated. The parks will continue to need repairs and trees. The skateboard park will eventually fall apart and close. A lesser bond to take care of these things first would have been a better choice for our community. I for one will be voting "no," but that's just my one vote. Think it over and vote.

Cherrill Gragg, Tehachapi