As an observer in human behaviors, I feel prompted to speak up due to a trend I have seen in teenagers but now I see it in almost everyone. It is based on the advice of the wisest adults in my life growing up and has kept me safe my entire life.

This is an open letter to anyone who walks out of any business to the parking lot and the paths of moving vehicles. Please look both ways before stepping off the curb. Please put down the cell phone and watch where you are going and do not assume anyone else is. Please do not assume that the person driving that car sees you. Please do not assume their brakes work. Please do not assume that driver is not in a hurry.

Please remember not everyone is having a great day. Please take personal responsibility for your own safety and do not hoist it onto a stranger driving a car. If you don't care about YOUR safety, why expect someone else to?

Remember, in a contest of motor vehicle versus pedestrian, motor vehicle is undefeated. Look both ways before crossing the street. Cross when it's safe. Words to live by.

Amanda Macintire, Tehachapi