At the time of this writing, there were 66 people confirmed dead in the Camp and Woolsey fires, and still mounting. The Camp Fire alone, near what was Paradise, Calif., is the deadliest wildfire in state history. There are in excess of 630 people still missing, or presumed dead. More than 11,800 structures were lost in Paradise, 9,700 of those were homes. Only about 200 structures survived the inferno. Total devastation.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather reports there are 129 million dead trees standing in California, which Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown refused to harvest. Presumably, he won’t allow those trees to be taken down because for every so many trees felled, one spotted owl may be killed?

Then there is the diversion of spring runoff sent to the sea for the preservation of snail darters. Seemingly, for every so many gallons of drinking water we flush into the ocean, and during a drought, one snail darter may survive? Is this really what we voted for? I did not.

Additionally, Gov. Moonbeam recently vetoed a 2016 bipartisan fire safety bill, SB 1463, which was unanimously passed by our California lawmakers, while blaming the wildfires on “climate change deniers,” among other things. Did one of the deniers light the match? How many climate deniers can we blame for these fires, or the severity of these fires?

If the answer is one, i.e., President Trump, since taking office the U.S. still has the smallest carbon footprint of all leading industrialized nations worldwide. That is, for those of you who believe “carbon pollution” is contributing to global warming, which I believe is not manmade, and may not even exist.

Note: A degree of temperature change does not cause Santa Anna winds, drought and/or bark beetles. If poor forest management or global warming deniers are my only choices here, I vote for better forest management.

William Nelson, Tehachapi