I have been reading and listening to some people commenting on the recent public safety power shut-offs. Almost all of them are negative, which happens to be kind of sad. Not many have seen the positives of the shut-offs.

I did see a few of the positives. It showed that people are very resourceful when need be. However, what I noticed as the best part is that there were children out playing. Having a good time. Parents were out with children watching them and enjoying activities with them. Neighbors were out conversing and enjoying some social time. Helping neighbors that needed help.

The trips I made to gas stations were filled with people talking while filling up containers. Not just a quiet, quick splash of fuel and on your way. It was actually feeling like the community Tehachapi was in times past. I for one, maybe the only one, looked forward to the shut-off for those reasons. And for those reasons, I wonder, will the "PSPO" not be happening in the future?

Matt Hyatt, Tehachapi