My property tax bill and sample California ballot for the Nov. 6 election arrived last week at about the same time, and both gave me severe sticker shock. My property tax is the highest ever because it is crammed with levies for 13 bond measures that were passed over the years.

As a retired senior on a fixed income, the tax bill bothers me a lot because every additional dollar I have to pay in tax means that I will have to give up an equal amount that I worked all of my life to get. Then there are the new bonds on the ballot, some $16.5 billion worth that will cost about $30 billion before they are paid off.

Everybody gets to vote on these bonds, but only we property owners are stuck with paying the interest on them. That isn’t right. The 2018 ballot also includes a new $8.9 billion water bond that will be added to the whopping $25.4 billion in other water bonds that were passed in the past 18 years. Why yet another water bond?

Taken together, the final cost of these bonds will be more than $50 billion. I have almost recovered from the sticker shock and have decided that I am already paying enough taxes, property and otherwise. As a result, my new philosophy on all government bonds is now “Tax not thyself,” and I will not vote for any bonds in the future. Period.

Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi