Really? A development on 138 acres that has more than 1,000 dwelling units? The town population is approximately 8,000 persons. This many assorted units will house more than 1,500 people. Are you going to widen Tehachapi Boulevard to four lanes and put into place more four-way stops? How are so many people going to work going to be able to access their way onto Tehachapi Boulevard at critical times? There already exists a traffic mess getting children to the high school.

There are no nearby shopping facilities so people are still going to have to go across town to purchase what they need. What a nightmare for public safety persons to get to emergencies and community protection. This is not an easy walking community to anything except to schools. Whatever happened to the recommendations of the community at the Charette years ago? This does not at all look like what those recommendations were when citizens provided their views of what they wanted Tehachapi to look like.

At that time, it was suggested that approximately 40 new houses a year would be the growth recommendation. I realize that number should now be more, but not this much. As the way things go in Tehachapi, I suspect that this will be a 20-year build out. Learn the lesson of how slowly Alta Vista is going. I hate to make the comparison, but this looks more like a ghetto. Come on, city planners!

Cherrill Gragg, Tehachapi