Before, every county, city or district could raise taxes as they wanted or needed. It was out of control and many people lost their homes because of the never-ending tax increases.

Proposition 13 established a 1 percent cap on property taxes for home owners, farms, ranches and businesses. It limited inflation increases to 2 percent of previous year tax of the property per year. It also required a two-thirds majority vote to add anything to our taxes. On our local level, that gave the voters the power to regulate any increase in spending. No longer could a few people sitting on a board increase taxes by decree.

How does that relate to the Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District wanting to rebuild existing facilities and build some new ones? First they are working with the community to determine what we the people want. Then they finalize the cost and budgets to do this. Last they have to present the complete package to the voters for their approval.

Last is the same issue that will always come up. Is it fair to you? To answer: it goes from not much if you do not live on your parcel, to extremely generous if you are one of 100 people living on one parcel. It is much the same with the fuel taxes we pay for gasoline; one person in the car is not a great deal, but 12 people carpooling people is a great deal. If you vote, it is your voice. If you do not vote then your opinion has no real value, does it?

Mike Nixon, Tehachapi