Recently, Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District sent a survey form that was a questionnaire regarding information for the amount of support for Proposition 68 from Sand Canyon residents.

An oral discussion with residents of Sand Canyon revealed that, in exchange for support from Sand Canyon residents, monies from the proposition will include a community building and other disclosed enhancements.

The Tehachapi parks have been identified as seriously substandard and uncared for.

The request of a property tax loan was defeated in Measure R originally.

Only the leadership of an experienced and professional parks manager can start a good, viable program with the manager's good economic sense. With money allotted for the parks, it can help raise the parks standard by increments.

Sand Canyon can be owners of a community building if Proposition 68 is approved. Now Sand Canyon residents can request a pipeline from Tehachapi to Sand Canyon for water and arrangements for electrical power and gas line. Some people in Sand Canyon buy water from a private entity. These residents can pay Tehachapi for the water and for sewage.

We can give credit to TVRPD for being instrumental in establishing a little satellite Tehachapi. Sand Canyon doesn't need any favors from Tehachapi, but wish proper means to resolve their stressful issues.

Mike Heaton, Sand Canyon