As a frequent driver on Curry Street, I have also been nearly T-boned at least three times by cars pulling out in front of me from E Street. Those cars assumed I had a stop. After studying the situation for some time, I believe I have figured out what the root of the problem is.

All the visual cues presented to E Street drivers suggest there is a four-way stop. There are no crosswalk lines painted across E, which has a stop, and there are crosswalk lines painted across Curry, which has no stop. In addition, people turning from E may also misinterpret the back side of the crosswalk yield signs on Curry as the back side of stop signs, even though they are a diamond and not an octagon. The visual cues of the crosswalk markings all add up to people on E Street making a false assumption that the traffic on Curry will yield to them.

I am strongly opposed to yet another stop sign on Curry Street. Instead, I suggest adding a standard yellow "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" sign below the stop signs for E Street drivers, and painting crosswalks across E Street at that intersection to level the playing field and to help pedestrians at the same time. I would love for city engineers to have a look at this situation.

Mike Massee, Tehachapi