You have a chance to make a difference in the direction Tehachapi will follow. If you are tired of the bickering and person assaults that now seems to be the norm with our City Council, Joan Pogon-Cord will be a voice of reason. Not only has she lived in Tehachapi over 40 years, but she taught and coached your youngsters at Tehachapi High all those years — and loved it!

It seems redundant to tell you that she is well-educated, reliable, independent, hard-working and dedicated to our town, but all that is true. She not only raised her girls in Tehachapi, but now is enjoying their children being raised here. You know it is important to her that Tehachapi remain a town with small-town values, yet have the ability to prepare our youth to compete in a technological society, as well as our city government function in a competitive environment. 

You have the power with your vote to accomplish this! Bring back civility, respect and purpose to our City Council with Joan Pogon-Cord. 

Barbara Wood, Tehachapi