On the morning of Dec. 18, an older fellow in a pickup, obviously a working man, pulled into the parking lot of Carlos' Donuts on the corner of Golden Hills Boulevard and Highway 202, and got out of his truck. Right then, a young man in a small car whipped into the lot, jumped out screaming obscenities at him and rushed over and shoved the old guy to the ground.

I came out of the shop, being there visiting with friends and after having witnessed the whole encounter, and saw the older guy did not raise a finger to the younger man. I was fearful the attack was going to escalate. Seeing me, the younger man left after threatening to further hurt the older fellow.

I was shocked at the rage of the young man. It appears he was cut off in traffic, which the older guy was unaware of. This was clearly an assault, and it appears to be more and more the accepted way for people to handle difficulties. I know I have done things dangerous or irritating to others, unconsciously, and, when made aware of them, I have tried to apologize, as the older guy here tried to do, but the younger man refused to listen and continued the attack.

These are dangerous times folks, and if our leaders and citizens do not work harder to encourage self control and simple courtesy in our daily interactions with one another, things are going to quickly get much worse.

Pray for America.

Daulton Oliver, Tehachapi