The Jan. 29 edition of Tehachapi News carried a screed by our representative on the Kern County Board of Supervisors, Zack Scrivner, whining about the governor taking action to prepare California for a new energy economy. We will all die, humanity will be wiped out, if we don't do something about global warming. It could take 200 years, but it's coming. Scrivner's response is to push off taking any action so that the richest people in Kern County don't have to suffer.

Well, they have had a good run. Kern was the top oil-producing county in the entire lower 48 until 2012, when North Dakota oil shale took over first place.

Kern County leads the country in another respect: worst air quality in the entire USA. That's from burning fossil fuels for transportation and electricity generation, from the San Francisco Bay south through the San Joaquin Valley. Air pollution kills or severely injures 10,000 to 15,000 people in Kern County alone each year. That's way more than valley fever. So don't try to tell me that the oil industry is clean and safe.

Scrivner is copying Trump, complaining about science and the future, when he could be providing leadership.

Does Scrivner want to use his superpowers for good?

Why doesn't he advocate for building a fourth-generation nuclear power plant in Bakersfield, leading California and the nation toward a clean, bright energy future?

The oil industry benefits less than 10 percent of Kern residents; safe, reliable nuke power would benefit us all.

Brian Scott, Tehachapi