Regarding Measure R’s $ 86 million price tag (the estimated total price of the bond plus the interest at the end of 35 years), I am concerned on behalf of the limited and fixed income seniors (your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and neighbors). This includes all seniors in Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District communities such as Alpine Forest, West Ranch, Sand Canyon, Hart Flat, Golden Hills, city of Tehachapi, and ranchers and farmers.

I am concerned for the boomers. According to a 2018 poll by AARP, 21 percent of baby boomers lack adequate savings to cover one month of basic expenses. Measure R will make it more difficult for them to save.

I worry for all those whose working days are over, seniors and others. Limited and fixed-income property owners have little margin for additional costs. How can a senior already choosing between buying food or medications afford an annual property tax increase of $39 per $100,000 assessed valuation? Those with limited incomes fear Kern County foreclosure on their homes, businesses, farms and ranches due to failure to pay property taxes.

I am concerned for limited-income young families with children struggling for the basic necessities. Many have part-time jobs and are barely surviving. Measure R will increase their rents.

For those in their 30s, if Measure R passes, you will be in your 60s or early 70s when Measure R is being paid off. Your assessed valuation will have increased, thus you will be paying more. You probably will be concerned about some of the same issues seniors are concerned about today.

Along with many senior and limited-income property owners and renters, I urge you to reject the $86 million Measure R.

Please vote “no” on Measure R.

Kathy Cassil, Tehachapi