Settlers built community buildings for their survival. Public schools were established in Boston in 1635. Fire departments, police departments and military are institutions of socialism. The question is at what level does this country want a thriving, successful middle class? On July 21, 1930, the Veterans Administration was established. Arguably, the greatest period of continued growth of the middle class started in the 1930s with Social Security, unemployment insurance and other social policies.

Socialism is a big reason why this country has had such a dynamic middle class for more than 80 years. With a prosperous middle class, there is more money in circulation; this establishes the basis for our country's wealth. When we have a large middle class, our social policies have provided the opportunity for the middle class to create more wealth.

The rich have fought this process, not caring about the middle class. This country has seen economic stagnation in the middle class, due to corrupt politicians diminishing the social safety net, curtailing unions and wages to benefit the very wealthy. One-party rule is communism. While the wealthy want to rule, which would be plutocracy, this combines two of the worst forms of tyranny the world has seen.

Socialism allows for many parties, and input from the people being governed. Our country's poised at a tipping point. Using socialism to address issues we face, with courage and unity, our health needs, environmental challenges, economic prosperity for all, can be our legacy for generations to come.

Samuel Hardman, Tehachapi