Well Tehachapians, the time is at hand. Here’s a rough breakdown of some of the taxes the state of California wants to impose on us taxpayers in addition to the $86 million bond from TVRPD.

Prop. 1 - Authorizes $4 billion in bonds for existing affordable housing programs. increased state costs to repay bonds over 35 years, $170 million annually.

Prop. 2 - Allows $140 million per year of county mental health funds to repay up to $2 billion in bonds.

Prop. 3 - Authorizes $8.877 billion in bonds for infrastructure (not including the gas tax for infrastructure).

Prop. 4 - Authorizes $1.5 billion to be repaid from the state’s general fund. Over $80 million per year for the next 40 years.

Let’s also remember that Kern County wants to raise our sales tax by 1 percent in addition to the rest of the taxes being proposed.

This is well over $14 billion in additional taxes just for California.

This is outrageous. All of us need to stand up to this nonsense. It's time to stop irresponsible spending and hold our government accountable. After all, it's our money and they work for us.

Don't buy into the rhetoric about your property values going up. That only matters if you are selling your home; otherwise, your property taxes and your homeowners insurance will go up. With higher property values and taxes it could make it harder to sell your home because fewer people will be able to qualify for a home loan and you could easily be taxed out of it.

Make some noise Tehachapi and vote. Vote hard. Our lives and our great country depend on it.

Diane Burrows, Tehachapi