Congratulations to the Tehachapi City Council for supporting the wall of separation between church and state! You wouldn’t advertise a local store on the side of a police car. Likewise, you don’t advertise for religion. Our government is not a theocracy. Freedom does not exist under a theocratic government. The nation’s founders understood this.

Mayor Susan Wiggins would not have been “voting basically against God” by separating her religion from her civic duty to impartially support the Constitution. And unlike what Councilman Kenneth Hetge said, the “simple phrase” does not bring “security and comfort to anybody who reads it.” It does that for some people who read it. For many others, it brings divisiveness and questions about whether local law enforcement only protects and serves believers.

Religion is a personal choice. It is not subject to government endorsement or promotion. Councilmembers Michael Davies, Phil Smith and Joan Pogon-Cord: Thank you and congratulations for doing what is right, despite potential internal personal conflict. That takes courage! E pluribus unum (the unifying and original national motto).

Greg Hahn, Tehachapi