Santa Monica, a 100 percent renewable city near Los Angeles, is a gem. Tehachapi City could make use of the idled 40 turbine Windmatics project on Willow Springs Road to help achieve the same distinctions.

Spending time on traffic lights and road repairs mentioned in these Forum pages is not all there is. Wind turbine engineering upgrades are now possible.

Northern Power Systems in Vermont, a wind turbine manufacturer, is in contact and can convert these turbines to 100 kilowatt. We here in Tehachapi can improve the existing blades. Solar PV can be added on the grounds. Even battery storage would be possible now. It would be a model for other cities to emulate rather than continuing the spread of the small residential turbines.

The transmission lines already connect directly to Tehachapi. There is little doubt that someone, even Tehachapi City Hall, could finance it from its earnings. The engineers on staff could run it just like the water works and the airport.

Beg pardon if this sounds overambitious. But wind energy is here to stay now. The turbines produce cheap power. Many other cities are becoming 100 percent renewable cities.

Tony Chessick M.S., studies director, IntegEner-W, Tehachapi