On Jan. 7 around 8:15 a.m. while driving on Highway 202, a small dog ran out in front of me and there was no possible way to stop. I ended up hitting the little dog. I immediately pulled over as well as the car behind me (I believe her name was Carol). I was really shaken up and had to ask this lady if she could possibly make sure the dog was still alive since I didn't want anyone else to hit it. So, this very strong woman walked out and determined that the dog was still alive. I immediately got a blanket out and this wonderful woman picked up the dog and put it in my car while I called Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital.

I just want to thank this wonderful woman for stopping and helping me. I also want to thank all the wonderful Tehachapi drivers who slowed down, moved over and stopped to help while we accomplished this sad situation. Lastly, I want to thank Dr. Anderson and his staff for working so swiftly once I arrived. Thankfully, the dog had a chip and the staff was able to locate the owners.

I don't know the outcome because of the privacy policies medical facilities have. I know I left the dog in good hands. Dr. Anderson and his staff had helped me and many of my friends during medical crises when it came to our pets. I also want to thank Nancy and Laura and others who recognized me and offered their help. Tehachapi has a great group of people always willing to help. What a great community to live in.

My heart goes out to the family who owned the dog. I just want to say I am sorry. I love animals, especially dogs, and my heart broke when I hit your dog. If possible, I would like an update so I have some closure. I would greatly appreciate it.

Jeannie Alvarado, Tehachapi