Mikayla Hart and Teddy Bear

Courtesy of Deanne Hart

After two years and two months of being a devoted service dog to Mikayla Hart, Teddy Bear unexpectedly passed away. He got a condition called intestinal torsion on July 24, which can be common in large breed dogs.

Robert and Lori Rose, a wonderful local couple and breeders of German Shepherds, graciously donated a puppy to Silver Paw Ranch. Mikayla was the recipient and was able to pick out Teddy Bear as her service dog. He trained for seven months at Silver Paw Ranch with Guy Sheble, then came home for continuous training at Silver Paw Ranch Southern California, here in Tehachapi.

Mikayla says, “He was a very loyal companion and service dog not only to me and my needs, but Teddy Bear was very loyal to the whole family.” She also states that she misses him so terribly much as he was such a major part of her life and was with her all the time.

Teddy Bear was well known in the community and loved by all. For example, the owner of Canine Creek, Kellie Dudevoir, who put an amazing fundraiser together to raise money for Mikayla’s harness for Teddy. The response from our community was overwhelming and incredible. He was truly the best service dog for Mikayla, so loving and devoted to us all, and serving Mikayla’s needs.

Teddy Bear, we all miss you and you are loved by all!

Deanne Hart, Tehachapi