I have lived here 21 years, and have shopped at both of these businesses (Kmart and the Guild) all of those years.

I know that Kmart is already closing soon. I have gotten some great deals in the last few weeks there. I feel sorry for all the employees who will lose their jobs, some after working there for many years.

Now they may close the Guild. This is so sad because they have served the community of Tehachapi and its citizens for many years. There are lots of folks that can't afford the new clothes prices of Walmart. I have clothed many underprivileged children with Guild clothing. I was a foster mom for eight years for Kern County and was only given a hundred dollars a year to buy them new clothes. I, of course, bought them new clothes out of my own pocket during the year, but the Guild has great kid clothes that look brand new and jackets for a couple of dollars.

I know there is some kind of master plan for downtown, but don't take away the places that have made it downtown for so many years away.

Through the years, the Guild has donated thousands of dollars to our little old hospital for new/better equipment and now is doing that for our beautiful new hospital, too.

Why do we need more empty store fronts in downtown?

Cathy Lueder, Tehachapi