I’ve been hearing a lot of opposition to Measure R that just doesn’t make any sense to me. The same complaints, over and again. Here’s my opinion:

Complaint No. 1: $43 million is too expensive.

• Did you really think an undertaking like this would be cheap? Would you rather it be less and have them cut corners or run out of money? Let’s do it right the first time!

But honestly, quit fixating on the $43 million number and really consider how much it will cost you directly. Homeowners, about $5-10 a month. Renters, NOTHING. This is a bargain!!

Complaint No. 2: My kids are grown or will be grown before it’s done so my family won’t benefit from it.

• This just makes me shake my head. So since your own kids won’t be using these facilities, you don’t care about Tehachapi’s current and future children? Let’s make our community a better place! Let’s give our kids wonderful facilities and parks to play and be active! And adults will reap the benefits of these new and improved facilities too!

Complaint No. 3: Our schools need improvement, that’s where our money should go.

• Yes, the last school bond didn’t go as far as we had hoped and there is a lot of work to be done. However, those are separate folks and it is a separate issue. If you’re concerned about this, go to a school board meeting and ask them to get on it.

But did you know that TVRPD and TUSD have a facilities use agreement? So what TVRPD builds can benefit our schools! Think of the pool our swim team will be able to use! How awesome will that be!

This project will revitalize and improve our entire community. Your home values will go up, so consider that $5-10 a month an investment that will pay you back with interest. The facilities will be more attractive so people will be more active. Imagine a healthier Tehachapi? How can you say no!?

Emily Van Andel, Tehachapi