Shortly after we moved to Tehachapi, we were honored to have Pastor Friday Idawor come from Ikorudu, Nigeria, to visit. Friday and I have been friends since the '90s when I was a missions pastor taking aid to rural areas of Nigeria.

Friday really enjoyed his time in Tehachapi. When he was in Atlanta preparing to come to our town he attempted to tell people the name of his destination in California. He said he gave it his best shot.

While in Tehachapi, because we are downtown residents, when Friday would ask, “How far is the bank?” I would reply, “Two minutes.” He needed to go to the market, same question, same answer. Sunday came around, same question and of course the same answer. He quit asking.

We love Tehachapi. We have been here four years and have met a lot of great people. We love the events, music playing downtown, Mill Street Coffee and other venues that are gathering places for conversation and life-giving interaction. We didn't have this at the Central Coast and we have tried to figure out why Tehachapi is such a great town.

I know the answer. Incredibly positive, involved and happy leadership. You can't beat love and compassion and commitment. At all levels including business and government we have people going above and beyond in their work for the city. They need to be patted on the back for the great job they are doing.

We have a local election Nov. 6 and I want to encourage my fellow friends and neighbors to vote the same positive people into office and vote against the negative and skeptical who have no vision.

We love you Tehachapi! “The grocery store?” “Two minutes!”

David Martin, Tehachapi