On May 15, letter writer Joe Nagy turned a blind eye to the real truth about our great president ("Democrats' belief in climate change pushes votes for GOP"). People on the far left do not want to see the truth. They are so full of hate for our president and won't see all of the great things he has done in the last two years. So, let's look at his report card.

More people are working then ever before. The unemployment rate for African Americans and Hispanics is the lowest it has ever been in history. The economy is the best it has been in years. We are finally getting fair trade, and he is cutting taxes, big time. The wall is getting built to protect America from the drug flow from South America. He has brought back manufacturing to our country where it belongs.

Enough of the hate. Let's get on with it, and move forward to bring this country back together for the good of all Americans.

Jean C. Riesen, Tehachapi