I am writing in response to the Community Voice article written by Nancy Bacon on current immigration policy ("Current immigration policy leaves local immigrant families frightened and terrorized," March 7).

The Rev. Nancy Bacon should make better word choices than such a multitude of inflammatory words (“our country does not need more hate”) such as terrorize, oppression, hate, fear and isolation when describing our great country’s immigration policy, and the work of our courageous and dedicated ICE and Border Patrol agents.

For a moment I thought the article was describing what goes on in North Korea or the former Soviet Union! Let’s be clear, we are talking about illegal immigration, and even mostly about illegal immigrants who commit additional crimes. Illegal immigration is breaking the law, so these are not innocent people who “never committed a crime.”

It is admirable that they want to come here to better themselves, but that is why we have legal immigration. So how is it that by upholding law, it is “terrorizing” of people who are not here legally? How can it be called “oppression” when all we are doing is sending people back to their rightful home country? Are we to now say that a warrant served by the police to a citizen criminal is also being “terrorized”?

God places our governmental leaders in place to set laws for the land they oversee, like setting borders. Don’t you have a border for your home, or can anybody walk in anytime and stay as long as they want, without asking?

If we individually arbitrarily call laws unjust, and we unilaterally decide to ignore properly ordained laws, you think God will just wink and smile at that? Civil disobedience is only for government laws that go against God’s will. I see nothing unbiblical in having borders.

Kevin Whiteside, Tehachapi