Yes, Leonard Pitts, there still is a place called 'us'; it's in Bear Valley Springs, California, in a network of volunteer caregivers using a platform called Next Door to do grocery shopping for elderly shut-ins (a growing number now) without compensation expected; and that's saying something because it's a 20-mile round-trip from several locations in our gated community, to say nothing of the time spent and potential exposure possibilities that lurk out there (56 percent is a lot of Californians).

Several here have pivoted from staunchly liberal/conservative to apolitical "on a dime," so to speak, in an effort to be in service of those most vulnerable, and that's saying something with respect to the hideously entrenched political scene that existed just a few weeks ago.

With COVID-19 so fluid currently, it's comforting to see so many step up so quickly and selflessly. Thank you for asking the question, and I trust others will answer you in similar fashion to how I responded to your query. Stay safe and healthy, wash your hands for 20 seconds often, and keep writing your brilliantly insightful columns. I have a feeling we're going to need your words of wisdom for quite some time.

— Warren Rabe