Leaders at Caltrans told me that 40 percent of the traffic on Highway 58 is truck trailer traffic. Personally, I think the truck traffic is more like 60 percent after recently driving back to Tehachapi from Bakersfield. If something isn't done in the near future to build a third (truck lane) up the hill, you will eventually have gridlock.

Driving to Bakersfield isn't difficult, but coming back to Tehachapi is an unabated struggle. Trucks are crawling up the grade, leapfrogging one another, and creating nasty stop and go driving conditions.

One person wrote awhile back that a third lane would be impossible to build. Look! If our leaders plan on boring a bunch of tunnels and bridges for that high-speed rail project through the Tehachapis, they can easily widen 58.

If I was a truck driver, and was headed east, I wouldn't want to go south on Interstate 5, and chance getting stuck in a morass of Southern California traffic. I'd head straight for Highway 58, to connect with Interstate 10, 15 or 40.

I guess it's about time to blitz Caltrans with articles like I did with the Kramer Junction project. By the way, the Kramer Junction Bypass project is 20 percent complete, but the price tag for the project is not $175 million anymore; it's now a $190 million project.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi