Just a reminder to some of our misguided city leaders: socialism lost.

Ms. Vance – You have NO RIGHT and certainly NO INVITATION to stick your nose in my financial portfolio and determine how much I can afford to pay for what your investors want.

The truth is, they can’t afford what they want. They are looking for a caviar lifestyle with a sardine budget. And like too many people in this country believe they are entitled and that the rest of us should just give them what they want.

I too have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in Tehachapi and I donate monthly to what I believe is a very important addition to our community (the entire community, not just a select chosen few). But I invest within my means. I don’t expect my neighbors to pay for what I want or believe in.

Let’s not forget that the Great Depression and our housing crisis were both triggered by people investing in what they couldn’t afford.

Your “ Grampies” can pool their “stacks of cash” and purchase the Kmart building once Walmart is open. It’s perfect and already has heat, air conditioning and a parking lot. Just build a wall around the parking lot so no one sees the cars parked there. Done deal. And it will save millions that can be used for our infrastructure, and Parks and Rec can then get back to work on fixing up our parks.

Diane Burrows, Tehachapi