Every taxpayer wants to pay less with a fair and simple tax code. Who doesn’t want everyone to have food, shelter, employment and education opportunity, medical access, safety from threats to their person, property and country? And hope for the future?

President Trump’s vision is for the best for all Americans as was Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, et al. He wants laws enforced; personal and national safety; healthcare access and at lower cost; taxes and government spending lower; quality education for every child and adult; the opportunity to earn a living, and national pride and unity. What’s wrong with any of that?

I think opposition and criticism of Trump comes down to two things: style and form. If he conducted himself with Reagan’s grace and humor, Bill Clinton’s charisma, and Kennedy’s looks and charm, there would be far less vitriol and far more accomplishment. I am frequently embarrassed by Trump. I wish his iPhone would self-destruct. I find him crass, a bully, an egomaniac, a man with many faults. But I admire his courage, stamina, strength, desire to keep pushing forward, and his vision.

As for “form,” politicians package every Trump initiative. They always do what is best for themselves, i.e., “America’s royalty.” Getting re-elected drives everything they do. Politicians disgust me. It’s not Trump’s fault nothing gets done, or that every legislative act is so expensive, complicated, drawn out, and includes so much that is off topic (pork, secret deals, special interests, et al.). I personally think the functioning of Congress is a military expression that I can’t use here.

I hope Trump is allowed to do what voters have asked of him, and able to achieve his vision for us all. Aren’t his goals worthy of universal support? He’s not perfect. So what. Neither am I. Nor are you.

Dan Shobe, Tehachapi