Again we hear from A.J. Marshall on how much he hates President Trump! I, for one, am sick of his bashing of the president.

Last he week he misquoted and misinterpreted what the president said in his reaction to the massive fires in California. Experts have spoken about forest risk management well before Trump did. I am extremely frustrated over the current fires that Trump believes could have been avoided. Since Gov. Jerry Brown has failed to learn from prior disasters, the president’s remarks, no matter how harsh, are warranted. The loss of life, property, wildlife and domestic animals is unforgivable!

Trump has put pressure on Brown, the environmental leftists and PG&E for their poor decisions. Gov. Brown has vetoed two bills that would have enabled the forestry department to do their jobs. PG&E has given millions to Brown and so a bill to force them to repair overhead and downed wires was vetoed.

If the president’s remarks accelerate change that will save lives, then his comments are well deserved and justified. Mr. Marshall should quit his bashing and whining. Trump is not a practiced politician and so he says what he feels — bam! — you don’t have to guess at his meaning or motives. But then there are people like him who just have to twist what he does and says into some ugly parody.

Suzan Tintorri, Tehachapi