There are many factors that make Tehachapi a great city. The most important factor is the people. Tehachapi is full of wonderful, diverse, community-oriented, giving people. We are located in a secluded slice of heaven, with diverse ecosystems and nature all around us.

Once you live here, Tehachapi is a part of you. We enjoy all four seasons. We have a vibrant art, theater and museum community. Tehachapi continues to increase our transportation infrastructure. Our health care system is expanding. We have an innovative, diverse economy, that professionals and entrepreneurs thrive in. We have a healthy tourism industry. Yet we can easily escape the everyday life to broaden our horizons in surrounding areas of our state.

Tehachapi has many qualities that make it a great city, but we need to upgrade our parks to truly set us apart as an outstanding community! Please vote yes on Measure R, invest in our kids, our seniors and our community!

Michael Puffer, Tehachapi