I don't know how this suing the utility companies got started, but it should cease. This all started with last year's wildfires. This caused PG&E to go into bankruptcy. This got started with our governor and the Democratic party. There is nothing they would like better than to do a government takeover of the utility companies. They would raise prices to the extreme to reduce the use of fossil fuels. They could then move forward with the Green New Deal.

The utility companies have no recourse but to shut down power during high winds or be totally bankrupt. Think about it — nothing like this has ever happened before. No utility company has ever been sued for starting fires until last year.

The real blame lies with the years of extreme environmental abuse in California. They outlawed a lot of logging, cattle grazing and ground clearance. That is why the fires are so devastating now. Don't get mad at the utilities — get mad at your California government. They are out to take away your power!

Ina Whatley, Tehachapi