Malicious destruction of property over $400 is a felony in California. Cutting down a passel of trees and ruining expensive door locks with glue at Tehachapi High School caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Since this lousy crime was discovered May 31, I've heard nothing about the apprehension of the vandal or vandals who committed this crime.

What's the holdup! I've heard so many stories floating around town about this incident. It's time they catch the instigator(s) Offer a substantial reward for the apprehension of these vandals(s); sift through clues and round up some suspects. Acts of vandalism and destruction of public property that go unsolved will likely lead to other acts of vandalism.

All too often in California, the punishment doesn't fit the crime, or the crime just isn't dealt with, and crimes subsequently occur again and again. For justice to work, people must be caught and punished to stop more crimes.

Sometimes I get the feeling authorities lack temerity to find the perpetrator(s), because a crime like this one might put "a bad light on the community."

I stopped by the police department, and as of June 26 I was told nobody has been charged with this crime.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi