A rose is still a rose by any other name … a fire fee, parcel tax and a BOND are all tax burdens to property owners and ultimately consumers, including renters.

The following are excerpts from HJTA, Howard Jarvis Tax Association. Since it is illegal for public servants to use public resources to urge a vote for or against a political issue districts, hire expensive consultants to tell them the best way to wage “information” campaigns. When addressing the public, bond backers are frequently counseled to put the cost in simple, friendly-sounding terms usually beginning with, "It’s only a few cents a day or a few dollars a month." Does this sound familiar, Tehachapi?

The TVRPD, Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District, wants a $43 million bond (with interest, approximately $86 million) unfairly committing rural property owners, only 16,837 of us, to 30-35 years of increased tax bills. Ultimately, it will cost thousands of dollars equaling increases in monthly house payments and yes, increased rents through 2048.

So ask yourself – Are you within walking distance of these facilities Hart Flat, Keene, Sand Canyon, Old West Ranch, Mt. Meadows, Fairview Ranches and others? Do you know your improved, unimproved, secured and unsecured properties will be taxed? Are you confident that an additional 8-year parcel tax will not be next?

TVRPD’s wants are unreasonable. I would like to see efficient spending of the $1.5 million already collected without having to PAY and commit our children to years of increased taxes.

Vote NO on Measure R!

Beverly Billingsley, Tehachapi