Kudos to Walmart. I saw the announcement about Walmart having a job hiring site in last week's paper. The opening of the store will have a major impact on the way we all do our shopping.

I stopped in to apply for a job and perhaps talk to someone. There were about a dozen people waiting in the room to be interviewed. After a short time I was selected and sat down with a lady named Amy. She will be the store manager and is taking the application information.

I was amazed that Walmart and Amy had made a job site available to the local jobseekers. It is so unexpected to actually sit down face to face with an employer. Online applications do not allow you to stand out and make an impression.

After talking to Amy about what skills I have and what positions Walmart is looking to fill, I came away with a positive view of Walmart and the hope that I will be working there come August.

Michael Dempsey, Tehachapi