I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut that most vandalism at our parks is caused by teenagers who have nothing better to do then get their jollies off destroying public property. I saw my fair share of vandalism/graffiti as an assistant high school principal.

Restrooms at parks are easy targets because they aren't visited frequently. Unless someone happens to walk inside a restroom and catch vandals red handed, restrooms provide perfect cover for vandals. Vandalism can't completely be eradicated, but spending thousands upon thousands of dollars repairing vandalized restrooms isn't the answer either, and is a total waste of time and money.

When restrooms were ravaged at school, we'd put the kibosh on further damage to those facilities by not replacing damaged mirrors, paper towel and toilet dispensers and even modesty panels. Restrooms were stripped down to the bare bones. In the case of park restrooms, it should be BYOT, folks.

Also, instead of painting the school's restroom walls a nice, white color where taggers with black markers could showcase their graffiti, the walls were painted black to obscure their work. The bathrooms looked dingy, but it solved that problem.

The health department would frown on the action we took at school, but what can I say? For every privilege, there's an implied responsibility. The health department doesn't have to live with filthy restroom conditions and clean up restroom messes every day. Abuse the privilege of having nice bathrooms and you lose the privilege.

I wish Michelle Vance and the park staff the best of luck with their "Bathroom Angel" volunteer program.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi