I would like for our city manager to consider my position. These are nonpolitical problems. Finger-pointing will do nothing! If you point at the other party than yours all it is another (make hate do nothing).

Why was the city of Tehachapi without a plan for evacuated people? Tehachapi, with many other cities, were without power. We can manage as well as they did. Tehachapi should be prepared. How about other emergencies, such as an earthquake?

These are statewide problems. No city, no county is special. Each person, city, county needs to step up. Be prepared. Clean their properties. Be prepared. Be reasonable for you and your family. Help your neighbor if you can. If you are responsible for a disabled person, there is state help. If you look at the history of this country, we are strong people with pioneer spirit. This is something we can do.

Carolynn Lane, Bear Valley Springs