Here here, Darla!

Forty-five cars must have been an amazing show of compassionate collaboration. I'm sure it could have been even longer had social media gotten involved. I wholeheartedly support and join you in your desire to rise above this horrific malady now in our midst.

Might I remind those who shop or mingle among each other on a daily basis to be overly cautious, following all the necessary guidelines in order to limit the damage this scourge has wreaked upon humanity. In order to become "Compassionate Mountain" we must do our best in every way we are capable. If we do this well, we will emerge on the other side of this COVID-19 outbreak, not only with limited casualties, but also with a newfound sense of basic humanitarian purpose.

We will be kinder, gentle and more dialed in with respect to being a caring, considerate and respectful group of communities, stitched together with many threads of love; I look forward to those future days with great anticipation, and also with a patient cautiousness that this virus demands of us. Stay healthy, and all of those things you mentioned as well.

Warren Rabe, Bear Valley Springs